Making urban mobility sustainable: in 4 steps

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BUMP provides city planners, environmental and technical officers in local authorities, with the knowledge and skills to plan and manage sustainable mobility in urban and peri-urban areas.  Moreover, BUMP supports the most committed towns and cities to produce their own Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. 

National and international networking events will provide valuable opportunities for participants to share experiences and knowledge.

Visits to BUMP Pioneers by international delegations will enable participants to present their own innovative mobility schemes and learn from others’ exemplary projects.


BUMP's training package is targeted at city planners, environmental and technical officers called to plan and manage sustainable mobility in urban and peri-urban contexts in towns and cities with populations ranging from 40,000 to 350,000 inhabitants.

The work-programme entails a first training phase based upon a concrete, result-oriented approach and international sessions aimed at sharing know-how and fostering mutual learning.

The most committed local authorities will then be selected for a coaching programme aiming at supporting them to produce their own SUMPs. 





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