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Smart transport, sustainable and healthy cities Conference in HU

The presentation slides of the conference speakers are now available for download.

The conference entitled "Sustainable urban mobility planning: smart transport, sustainable and healthy cities", organized by REC, was held Thursday, November 6th in Szentendre, Hungary.

The event addressed several issues related to the planning and management of urban transport. In particular, the topics of discussion were the following:

  • Integration to measures of restricting traffic in urban centres;

  • Which elements should be necessarily addressed in carrying out a preliminary context analysis to prepare an effective sustainable mobility planning tool (SUMP)?

  • Public participation and public acceptance in the planning of the sustainable mobility.

It is possible to download the speakers' presentations at the following links:

Welcome speech_REC

BUMP project

Route 4U


Conclusions on topic A

Conclusions on topic B

Conclusions on topic C


Network of European Healty Cities


Metropolitan Research Institute

Electrical Vehicles

(Picture by Joel Müller)