Making urban mobility sustainable: in 4 steps

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Share know-how and expertise at an international level

After the in-class training stage, participants in each country were divided into four groups and involved in four mutual learning sessions (held in Trieste, Italy; Sofia, Bulgaria; Dortmund, Germany; Budapest, Hungary) to share and compare experiences, approaches and know-how.

Click on the links provided here on the right to download the ‘Report on mutual learning activities‘ and materials from each event.

The mutual learning stage was an opportunity for planners, environmental and technical officers working for local authorities in the same country or in different countries to compare approaches, strategies and solutions to common problems they face in their daily activities.
In the workshops, both participants and national course coordinators had the opportunity to discuss the most relevant issues arising from their national training sessions and have a wider perspective of available methodologies and practices.
At the end of the four sessions, each national group met to share the conclusions and lessons learned from the different workshops. The most committed local authorities were then involved in the next stage, developing pilot actions.


Mutual learning

The mutual learning workshops and conferences allowed participants to share expertise and viewpoints on mobility planning and management issues through a series of interactive activities (world-café and role-play sessions) aimed at fostering exchanges among participants coming from different countries.

The resulting lesson learned and conclusions are described in the Report on mutual learning activities, and all the materials presented in the occasion of the four conferences can be freely downloaded from the Mutual Learning section, available in the Resources page.

(Picture by Joel Müller)