Making urban mobility sustainable: in 4 steps

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The BUMP methodology follows a 4-step process:

  1. TRAINING > has produced the Supporting Package
  2. INTERNATIONAL EVENTS > have produced the Mutual learning Report and materials
  3. COACHING > on-stage support will generate approved SUMPs
  4. TAKING ACTION > approved SUMPs will be implemented by the BUMP Pioneers!

Here you will find all the useful documents being produced during the project.

You can also find the best selection of relevant external links that can help you go deeper in detail on freshly updated contents related to urban mobility and available on the net.

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Supporting Package   

Discover the six-module process of the in-class training, and consult the prentations used by expert trainers

Mutual Learning   

Learn how world-café, role-play sessions and conferences have spread knowledge at a European level on urban mobility issues

Press Corner   

Read articles and interviews published on newspapers, magazines, portals, etc.

BUMP Communication materials   

Find out all the communication materials produced within the BUMP project
(Picture by Joel Müller)